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Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers

Why Must I Provide My Social Security Number?  Your social security number is used to obtain your mortgage payoff statement and to report your sale of real estate to the IRS. Ashe Law Firm, Inc. complies with federal privacy laws regarding the use and storage of your social security number. 

When Should I Disconnect Utilities? Appraisals, home inspections and buyer walk throughs cannot occur without water and electric service so it’s always best to leave utilities on until closing or the day after.

What are my Closing Costs? Potential closing costs include realtor commission, deed stamps, deed recording fee, attorney fee, real estate taxes, and termite reports or home warranties depending on the terms of your purchase and sale contract. Contact us at 843-361-2600 or e-mail us here for a fast free comprehensive closing cost quote now!

When will I get my Proceeds? The deed is recorded at the county courthouse before funds are disbursed to the seller. Therefore, proceeds are issued late in the afternoon on the day of closing or the following business day. Note that funds wired to your account will be immediately accessible whereas if a proceeds check is deposited your bank may place a three to five day hold on the funds.